New iPhone Released- All about iPhone X Jailbreak

Apple has finally unveiled the 10th-anniversary iPhone edition with a special name “X”. And just as expected, the event has ended all wait for a couple of new iPhones, iOS 11 latest software, new 4K Apple TV and also the LTE supported new watch upgrade. But the whole attraction of the event was iPhone X which the biggest announcement of an iPhone so far by the company. So the post update here bringing you what Apple has made true with new “X”, highlights at the event and also with how that makes iPhone X Jailbreak possible. Here we go for all in brief.

iPhone X Jailbreak

A Word about the Event

The event was centric to new iPhone X which came celebrating the 10th anniversary of the whole iPhone line-up. And while that grabs the main attention of the event, the release of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus too was aside but not as much as winning the same glory. However, it can too make a big shout to the public with favorable improvements above the previous iPhone 7/7 Plus. And it is expected to ship earlier than the fancier iPhone X also with a much cheaper tag of pricing. It continues the same design of the old iPhone 7 but promises better Camera and more also introducing features like wireless charging.And the event has also hosted the release of iOS 11 through the GM version, new 4K Apple upgrade, Watch with LTE connectivity and some more.

Meet the New iPhone Epoch-  iPhone X Features in Brief

With the Tech event by Apple, all of the things about the new iPhone episodes have confirmed. And there, the biggest surprise comes from the name itself where the expected iPhone 8 came as iPhone X while iPhone 7S and 7S Plus came in the name of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Although the trio of them share some internal features, in many aspects iPhone X is at the highest it can reach. So check the highlighting features we see in the 10th iPhone edition as to all confirmations by Apple.

  • Features the highest screen-to-body ratio of an iPhone so far
  • Bezel-less Edge-to-edge  display of 5.8 inches
  • Use of Super Retina OLED display technology with better life promised
  • Glass body brings wireless charging capabilities
  • Screen resolution of the 2436×1125 pixels at 458ppi
  • A11 bionic processor for enhanced performance
  • Available in 64 GB and 256 GB memory capacities
  • Portrait Lightning feature introduced
  • True Tone feature in the screen where the color changes with the background temperature
  • Face ID in the place of Touch ID with use of new 3D Sensors in the front camera
  • Animoji exciting feature with Face ID where you can make Emojis as to the exact expressions
  • Taptic Engine resulting better 3D Touch and Haptic Feedback
  • Improved rate of IP68 in dust/water resistance
  • Video recording 1080p HD at 240 fps, 4K at 60 fps and 4K at 24 fps
  • Vertical 12MP (iSight) Duo camera with better OIS and also the improved AR option
  • Available in Space Gray and Silver with a black front

For better view, watch the video below,

Release Date and Price:

The official pre-orders will be allowed for the iPhone X on 27th October. And it is expected for shipping from 3rd November 2017 on exactly when you need waiting to take the latest iPhone in hand. And as to the two different 64 GB and 256 GB capacities, it will cost $999 and $1,150 respectively.

iPhone X Software- iOS 11 Download

All three handsets this year come pre loaded iOS 11, the latest software designed for Apple’s mobile operating system. At the event recently, it has finally announced in the GM release confirming it is ready and stable for any use.

The software iOS 11 started testing since WWDC back in June. And from there it all started testing through beta following 10 developers and public 9 betas as usually. And eventually, it has now moved to iOS 11 GM release from which the public rights can be expected on 19th September. So just as promised through all testing versions, it brings redesigned Control Center, new Notification handling, enhanced Siri capabilities, upgraded App switcher, new Files and so much more.

iPhone X Jailbreak

Any Progress to iPhone X Jailbreak?

iPhone X comes preloaded iOS 11 marking an expensive era where two giants have unified. But when it is not any reason makes iPhone X Jailbreak possibilities less interesting, this is time to put a quick glance at that.

Up to now, we have met iOS 11 Jailbreak two times through powerful KeenLab demos. And in both the times, KeenLab uses iOS 11 initial betas on an iPhone 7 to show us the possibilities to jailbreak. At a glance, this is something to cheer than sitting with nothing. But when it comes to the exploited, we cannot make guarantees on how the same techniques would work on later iOS 11 versions at the same time with iPhone X latest. So for the moment, iPhone X Jailbreak is indecisive for which we require more wait from the user.

The post today covers all facts about the new iPhone era from features, the event, price, availability and up to iPhone X Jailbreak chances. If you are happy with all the content, give us a feedback and do share for all love to be part of the new X story.

Road for Jailbreak iOS 10.3.3

It has passed few weeks of the release of the present stable iOS 10.3.3 chapter to the public. Yes, the Apple company test this chapter nearly two months with six of public and developer only beta. According to several rumors, this will be the final iteration for the existing 10th firmware chapter. When we deeper focusing on it the developer has the focus to offer some bug fixes and performance improvements rather than offering new features and changes. So, as a jailbreak fan have you got any updated fact for the possibility of jailbreak iOS 10.3.3 in the moment? OK, then here we go through the all possible facts related to this firmware edition.

jailbreak iOS 10.3.3

iOS 10.3.3 is the existing latest signing iPhone OS chapter. But in the moment the Apple developer is focusing on their next massive 11th firmware update. Which will contain more adorable features and changed to the iDevices. Absolutely in accordance with the available fact, the Apple company focus to improve the productivity of iPad devices through the upcoming chapter. So, iOS 11 download will be more useful for them. Further, when we conclude more facts on the upcoming event now the Company successfully rolled out the 3rd public beta and 4th developer only beta. And now attentively they have reached to the gold master release of the chapter.

jailbreak iOS 10 at a Glance

Well, in the moment when we focusing on the current situation of the jailbreak community iOS 10.3.2 is the available latest jailbreak friendly chapter. Yeah, the demo is offered by the Keen team. Indeed, they also demoed for the upcoming iOS 11 jailbreak within couples of weeks of its first developer only beta. But the chapter wasn’t stable yet. You may remember that it took a long time to have a possible tool to jailbreak iOS 10. In which way with the arrival of Yalu jailbreak Luca Todesco has become the superstar of jailbreak society. Yes, he has developed the tool to comply with iOS 10.2. So, still available worthy jailbreak tool is Yalu 10.2. And there was no any latest cracking tool available for the 10th chapter.

jailbreak iOS 10.3.3

Possibility for jailbreak iOS 10.3.3

Finally when we focus about the present stable iOS 10.3.3 minor chapter, could you able to find any possible fact for its jailbreak possibility? It has two months of the test period and now it passed another few weeks after the public release. During the time period, there wasn’t any jailbreak demo available for this chapter. Of course, the chapter was in the beta version when the last MOSEC 2017 was held. But it seems still hackers haven’t paid enough consideration on this minor edition. Otherwise, the Apple Company will enhance the security features of the chapter as their last update. Any how, know, hackers will never ready to give up an iOS chapter easily. Therefore, sometimes still they may focus on the chapter. In the other hand in my point of view now the Apple company slowly reaching to the final release of the upcoming massive 11th chapter. So, it has left nearly one month of the time period. So, hackers may pay their full attention to find an exploit to enter into the upcoming chapter. Anyhow in the moment, we can’t verify what will really happen.

So, let we allow more time period for the hackers and see what will really happen. Till that, you can stay tuned with us to have more fresh updates related to iOS, Cydia, and jailbreak facts.

Jailbreak iOS 11 Got Demoed by KeenLab

iOS 11 started its move to the public soon with the official word at WWDC 2017. While the most part is reserved here for the features, design changes, security lifts and so on, we also hear stories in the move to jailbreak as getting the first ever working demo at MOSEC. So as there is a lot to talk about the next generation milestone software update for Apple mobile operating system, here is everything we know so far about iOS 11 update to Jailbreak iOS 11. Read on for all in brief.

Jailbreak iOS 11

While iOS 11 playing a massive role in all mind, iOS 10.3.2 signs as usual as the current latest for both 32-bit and 64-bit devices. This will soon be changed if Apple releases iOS 10.3.3 immediately which has reached the peak of betas marking the 6th version released recently. So once the update is official, you will be able to take your hand on via OTA or iTunes manually. But different from 10.3.2, iOS 10.3.3 will only be signed for 64-bit devices just in the same fixes and slight improvement perspective.

Compatible Devices for iOS 11

iOS 11 Download

iOS 11 Download for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

You can download iOS 11 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch through its beta versions by now. Starting from the very first day of the preview, Apple has given beta releases in focus to both developers and public testers as the usual way. As the latest news, we see iOS 11 beta 3 for developers registered to the official Apple beta testing while the second public beta is seeded for the none-developers very recently. And just as expected, these bring additional changes to the major software update keeping us to talk more about design changes, fixes as well as lifted security features. So with the more betas to go, there will be so much interesting to discuss in deeper.

Video Review to all changes coming with Latest Beta 3 (dev) and Public Beta 2

Jailbreak iOS 11 and Possibilities to Cydia Download

Taking the time at MOSEC 2017, security researcher team KeenLab has demonstrated a working jailbreak iOS 11 proving Cydia is possible. As to the picture published via Twitter by developer Min Zheng along with the demonstration, an iPhone 7 on iOS 11 beta has proven jailbroken successfully. Not only that, the picture further depicts possibilities of Cydia iOS 10.3.2 for the firmware now signs latest on two different handsets on the same picture. In more detail, an iPhone 6 Plus and an iPhone 7 running iOS 10.3.2 also shown jailbroken by KeenLab. Although, we have no idea yet about how these will lead Cydia Download iOS 11 in approach to the public, something good can be expected in turn for Cydia 10.3.2. In fact, it is all about the firmware now signs while iOS 11 is in need of more months for the final update.

As to the facts so far came to know, iOS 11 will be released around September. So stay with us until then to know all interesting updates on the firmware as well as in regard Jailbreak iOS 11. And in anything, you find doubtful, write us through the comments.