Are You Waiting to Jailbreak iOS 10.1.1?

Are You Waiting to Jailbreak iOS 10.1.1?

Pangu 9.3.3 updated tool currently work for iOS 9.2-iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak. But if you are upgraded to any iOS 10 version, you are currently not allowed to reach jailbreak and Cydia. In fact rather than repeated promises, we still find no updates on iOS 10 jailbreak even Apple continuously updating the side. As of now Jailbreak iOS 10.1.1 is the question we struggle answering with the recent Apple update over iOS 10.1. But still not know what would be the changes in upcoming weeks. In that way what could be the next release of jailbreak? Will there be a chance for jailbreak iOS 10.1.1? And when will be a new jailbreak chapter roll out for those who are upgraded to iOS 10? So here are all what we can say about the jailbreak  in the side of Apple’s latest iOS 10. Have a look and get answered all your questions.

jailbreak iOS 10.1.1

iOS 10.1.1 Download

iOS 10.1.1 is the current latest in side of iOS 10. The update is truly a fixes oriented release from Apple with focus to Health data viewing trouble reported from iOS 10 times. In that way you can now download iOS 10.1.1 via OTA if you head Settings > General > Software Update. If not you can also head manual iOS 10.1.1 install with connecting to iTunes. And this iTunes installation is more preferable if you are in view of changes with iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak updates ahead. If not you would get several clashes when dealing with applications like Pangu jailbreak, the team most trusted for iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak updates.

With the recent announcement Apple has closed signing gates of iOS 10.0.2 and iOS 10.0.3. In that way those who are upgraded to iOS 10.1.1 can now downgrade iOS 10.1 which is only allowed at the moment. You can try a clean restore and downgrade iOS 10.1.1 to iOS 10.1.

Update: Apple has started spreading iOS 10.2 betas by now. So you can now see iOS 10.2 beta 1 that comes housing user-facing changes to iOS. Even though the update does not feature any centered options like portrait Mode in iOS 10.1, iOS 10.2 will come with important changes to your iOS, so have a look and find favorite features with what has revealed so far

iOS 10.1.1 Jailbreak Still not in Public View

iOS 10 jailbreak started speaking since the very first day iOS 10 unwrapped at WWDC. But still we do not find a working jailbreak solution for any iOS version above iOS 9.3.3 making jailbreak fans distracted for some extend. As to the the revealed facts so far on iOS 10-iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak so far, this could be the right time to come with a new jailbreak that can work for all upgraded to iOS 10 versions. If so there will be a chance for iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak in near times that can make a lot of Cydia fans happy with latest iOS 10.1.1 being jailbroken. But still there is nothing confirmed from official side where we could expect an immediate change. However do not lose hopes as iOS 10 jailbreak already got powerful demos together with repeated promises. So keep hopes on a soon change with jailbreak iOS 10.1.1.

Pangu Jailbreak on iOS 10 Jailbreak

Pangu jailbreak

Pangu came with iOS 9 jailbreak about a month after the official software launch. And the same team now brings a big hope on iOS 10 jailbreak too by demonstrating a working jailbreak on MOSEC stage time. As to what Pangu stated they are thoroughly operational on latest iOS 10. In fact they are the only team who have given a hint of jailbreak iOS 10 adding more value to what developer Luca and iH8snow stated throughout iOS 10 several stages. In that way we can now look on Pangu expecting a pleasing change in jailbreak iOS 10.1.1.  So keep hopes and stay tuned to get all new iOS and jailbreak news as soon as they are released.

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