iOS 9 jailbreak and beta install review

iOS 9 jailbreak and beta install review

Today Apple introduced iOS 9 beta for iOS developers at WWDC. Among props and cons one of the best feature is split screen multitasking. Watch the following video of WWDC session introducing the new feature with various multitasking modes Slide Over, Split View, and picture-in-picture.

iOS 9 will be available for public on this fall. Until public release anyone who registered for the iOS public beta testing program, can download iOS 9 on their devices. But we have summed up some important facts that why you should avoid upgrading to iOS 9. Be aware about all factors before your upgrade iOS 9 because there’s no iOS 9 downgrade after public release.

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iOS 9 complete review

Skip iOS 9 beta if you have only one Apple device

This is a beta version. So, this update has to going through lots of fixes and enhancements while the beta testing period including some severe security troubleshoots. Some of features added to the iOS 9 beta is on very first experimental stage and might have hidden faults or being really unstable. Therefore we recommend to install iOS 9 beta on an additional device if you are an iOS enthusiast. Otherwise it’s better to wait until Apple release iOS 9 public version.

Are you on travel when Beta expiration period?

iOS 9 beta will expire after a certain time frame. Which you will have to return back to your previous iOS version or upgrade to the iOS 9 public version according to your choice. whether upgrade or downgrade it’ll not something to do on the way because it may caused data loss, have to restore the device or any other problem unless the upgrade or downgrade process went smooth. Be aware about your travel plans if you are thinking to have iOS 9 beta on your iOS device.

All your apps won’t support iOS 9

Some of your hard using apps might not support iOS 9 at very first until the app developer upgrade them to be compatible with iOS 9. Some apps won’t run entirely, might crash, unstable or or any other kind of error. You have to be aware about app compatibility if you need to upgrade to iOS 9 beta and if there are lots of essential apps on your device.

There is no way back

You could be able to upgrade your device to iOS 9 easily. But keep in mind that there’s no way back to previous iOS versions. Tinyumbrella or any other tool doesn’t support for iOS downgrade since iOS 8.x.x. Tinyumbrella is just capable of making SHSH blobs of iOS 8.1.2 devices but it never upgraded for restore saved SHSH blobs.

Say goodbye to your jailbreak

Definitely there’s no jailbreak iOS 9 yet. If you have jailbroken your device already, you will lose the jailbreak and all Cydia apps, tweaks when you upgrade iOS 9. We cannot say when will iOS 9 jailbreak will available or we cannot guarantee will it ever happen. It’s always better to stay with latest jailbreakable iOS version (iOS 8.1.2 at the moment) or stay away u[grading to newer iOS versions as much as you can. Because older iOS versions will be jailbroken easily than latest ones. We also have reported you early that iOS 9 will most probably be equipped with rootless technology which is almost impossible to iOS 9 jailbreak.

Does it worth to upgrade for iOS 9?

Sometimes it might not worth at all. Still we don’t know all the features and enhancements of iOS 9. So there’s some possibility of not have anything big than previous iOS versions. You have choice to stay with the current iOS version if you think it’s stable enough on your device.

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