Downgrade iOS8

Downgrade iOS8

How to downgrade from iOS 8.0.1 to iOS 8

Apple released iOS 8.0.1 yesterday for several bug fixes and improvements on iOS 8. But within several hours Apple realized that they have done a big mistake as tons of complaints receiving from iPhone users worldwide. iOS 8.0.1 may occur problems with disabling cellular service and touch ID. If you have already upgraded your device into iOS 8.0.1, now you can downgrade your device back to iOS 8 within few simple steps.

iOS 8.0.1 no service error

  1. Download appropriate iOS 8 firmware here
  2. Settings > iCloud > switch off “Find my iPhone”
  3. Connect your device to the PC with iTunes
  4. Click SHIFT + Check for update button on the device page of iTunes
  5. Select downloaded iOS 8 IPSW
  6. Proceed with iOS 8 installation and you are done

How to delete iOS 8.0.1 update file

If you have only downloaded the iOS8.0.1 update and not installed yet, You can delete the update file easily as follows.

  1. Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage.
  2. Select iOS 8.0.1 (1.1 GB file)
  3. Select delete and confirm to remove the file from your storage.
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