No more iOS 8.1.1 downgrade

Apple stopped singing iOS8.1.1 yesterday. That means you can’t downgrade or upgrade your device into iOS 8.1.1 anymore. Apple will force you to get iOS8.1.2. In other hand there is no requirement of go for iOS 8.1.1 because iOS 8.1.2 is much better and it’s jailbreakable. You can jailbreak iOS 8.1.2 using Taig 1.2 and complete jailbreak tutorial with Taig Download links are available here.

Jailbreak iOS 8.1.2

It’s highly recommended to upgrade your device to the iOS 8.1.2 and jailbreak as soon as possible since Apple already released iOS 8.2 beta versions for developers. Apple will stop signing iOS 8.1.2 also when they release iOS 8.2. iOS8.2 jailbreak will not possible for a while although TaiG team said they can jailbreak iOS 8.2 with the same tool. We advice you to have the best possible solution at the moment other than waiting for unknown perfect solutions.

iOS 8.1 beta 2 Download for developers

iOS 8.1 beta 2 is now available for download at Apple dev center for iOS developers. The new beta version carries build number 12B407 and includes many enhancements and bug fixes. iOS 8.1 is still under developing and only available for developers for testing purposes.  iOS 8.1 beta 2 will be valid for next few weeks until APple release next beta version or release iOS 8.1 public version. You can simply download iOS 8.1 beta 2 for your iPhone iPad or iPod if you have Apple developer account.

iOS 8.1 beta 2 download

iOS 8.1 beta 2 supported devices

  • iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5c, 6, 6 plus
  • iPad mini, iPad air, iPad 4
  • iPod touch

iOS 8.1 beta 2 IPSW direct links (You should have a developer account)

iPod touch:

Jailbreak iOS 8.1 Beta 2

As usual Apple has patching up iOS vulnerabilities continuously to fix holes of jailbreak possibility. Still there is no any trusted tool for Jailbreak iOS 8.1 Beta versions. But iOS hackers might already have developed jailbreak for iOS 8 waiting until Apple release a strong and stable version of iOS 8. please read our article about jailbreak iOS 8.0.2 for more details.