Jailbreak iOS 9 will not be possible

UPDATE – Check our latest review about iOS 9 jailbreak on the public release of iOS 9. We have summed up all what we know so far.

Apple making iOS better and better. According to predictions iOS 9 will be as much as perfect than ever. Than means iOS 9 jailbreak will be extremely tough or almost not possible. Within last several iOS upgrades we seen enough examples of Apple beating jailbreak developers and patch up every vulnerability of iOS which discovered by iOS hackers around the worlds. This might be due to Apple started working closely with some genius Jailbreak developers and most probably they passed all discovered vulnerabilities to Apple system developers.

Jailbreak iOS 9

Jailbreak is some kind of threat to iOS and Apple device’s stability. Users get crash, malfunction or damage their devices by using jailbreak apps without much knowledge and also get scammed easily. In the history Apple has worked hard to overcome jailbreak possibility of iOS. If you are not aware about jailbreak, It’s simply hacking into the iOS system core and get privileges to control the device as you wish with third party apps and tweaks which not officially permitted or rejected by Apple.

Anyway, Jailbreak iOS 9 will be important if you are an Cydia enthusiast. Because although you can keep current devices jailbroken by refusing to upgrade, the new iPhone 6S and other latest versions definitely comes with iOS 9.

iOS 9 supported devices

  • Upcoming iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 plus S and all upcoming iPads
  • iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5
  • iPad Air 2 , iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2

You can try iOS 9 beta versions when they are available in Public Beta testing program. But keep in mind that you cannot downgrade from iOS 9 to iOS 8 after Apple officially release iOS 9 to the public. As same as you will lose your current iOS 8 jailbreak. There are rumors around that iPhone 4S also will be compatible with iOS 9. but we can’t predict about that Apple release iOS 9 beta.

TaiG Jailbreak iOS 9

Neither TaiG nor Pangu will jailbreak iOS 9 after introducing rootless technology. All vulnerabilities they used to exploit iOS system are outdated now. TaiG or Pangu hasn’t discovered anything new to exploit any iOS iOS version after iOS 8.1.2 so they failed to jailbreak iOS 8.3 and 8.4. Even no jailbreak for iOS 8.1.3. iOS 8.3 and 8.4 will be stable enough to exist for a long time and it’s a good time to release a jailbreak for these versions if they already have the job done.

iOS 9 preview

According to Apple, prevent iOS 9 jailbreak is their effort to protect Apple users from spam and unexpected crashes. The new security technology which they going to prevent jailbreak iOS 9 is called “rootless”.

Cydia will never get admin privileges on iOS 9 with rootless technology which means no iOS 9 jailbreak. But we are hopeful about capability of iOS hackers. undoubtedly the iOS 9 jailbreak will be a big challenge for them.

No more iOS 8.1.1 downgrade

Apple stopped singing iOS8.1.1 yesterday. That means you can’t downgrade or upgrade your device into iOS 8.1.1 anymore. Apple will force you to get iOS8.1.2. In other hand there is no requirement of go for iOS 8.1.1 because iOS 8.1.2 is much better and it’s jailbreakable. You can jailbreak iOS 8.1.2 using Taig 1.2 and complete jailbreak tutorial with Taig Download links are available here.

Jailbreak iOS 8.1.2

It’s highly recommended to upgrade your device to the iOS 8.1.2 and jailbreak as soon as possible since Apple already released iOS 8.2 beta versions for developers. Apple will stop signing iOS 8.1.2 also when they release iOS 8.2. iOS8.2 jailbreak will not possible for a while although TaiG team said they can jailbreak iOS 8.2 with the same tool. We advice you to have the best possible solution at the moment other than waiting for unknown perfect solutions.

Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 untethered

iH8sn0w released an untethered jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 video

well known jailbreak developed known as @iH8sn0w has released a video that showing untethered jailbroken iPad running iOS 8.1.1. As iH8sn0w mentioned in his tweet it doesn’t seems to be a public jailbreak soon. He might looks into iOS 8.2 Beta version for jailbreak possibility and most probably he’ll wait for public release of iOS 8.2 if this exploit going to be remain in iOS 8.2.

iOS 8.1.1 jailbreak

Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1

iH8sn0w has showed in his video an iPad boots with a custom Boot Logo and Cydia installed. The new iOS 8.1.1 jailbreak still only works on 30 Pin devices as he said which means iPhone 5, 5S, 6 and 6 plus are not supperted yet. Watch the original video released by iH8sn0w.

Downgrade iOS 8.1.1

Apple has patched both exploits used by Pangu when release iOS 8.1.1. So you can’t jailbreak your device yet if you updated into iOS 8.1.1 still you have the choise to return back on iOS 8.1 since Apple server still signing the old version.

Download iOS 8.1.1 beta for developers

Apple released iOS 8.1.1 with bug fixes

Few hours ago Apple announced the iOS 8.1.1 Beta for developers with many bug fixes and enhancements. According to the Apple, The new iOS 8.1.1 improves the stability and performances on iPad2 and iPhone 4S where the iOS 8 supported oldest devices at the moment. This is the first minor update to iOS 8.1 and This update also include Split screen multi tasking on iPad and Map improvements too.

download iOS 8.1.1 beta for developers

Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1

Apparently iOS 8.1.1 seems to be a Pangu killer which means you’ll no longer be able to jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 using Pangu 8. There is no confirmation yet, But it’s advised to avoid updating your device to iOS 8.1.1 until someone confirms the jailbreak capability of iOS 8.1.1.

Downgrade iOS8

How to downgrade from iOS 8.0.1 to iOS 8

Apple released iOS 8.0.1 yesterday for several bug fixes and improvements on iOS 8. But within several hours Apple realized that they have done a big mistake as tons of complaints receiving from iPhone users worldwide. iOS 8.0.1 may occur problems with disabling cellular service and touch ID. If you have already upgraded your device into iOS 8.0.1, now you can downgrade your device back to iOS 8 within few simple steps.

iOS 8.0.1 no service error

  1. Download appropriate iOS 8 firmware here
  2. Settings > iCloud > switch off “Find my iPhone”
  3. Connect your device to the PC with iTunes
  4. Click SHIFT + Check for update button on the device page of iTunes
  5. Select downloaded iOS 8 IPSW
  6. Proceed with iOS 8 installation and you are done

How to delete iOS 8.0.1 update file

If you have only downloaded the iOS8.0.1 update and not installed yet, You can delete the update file easily as follows.

  1. Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage.
  2. Select iOS 8.0.1 (1.1 GB file)
  3. Select delete and confirm to remove the file from your storage.