Introduction to Download Cydia iOS 12.2

Download Cydia iOS 12.2

Many Apple device users have now lined up asking to download Cydia iOS 12.2 on their iDevices because it is the next major version of Cydia download. iOS 12 has its first major bugfix version as the iOS 12.1 and it is already jailbroken. And the second major bugfix version of iOS 12 is the iOS 12.2 so that there is a big curiosity towards its jailbreak Cydia version as well. If you do not know, Cydia is an amazing third-party app store which gives you amazing third-party apps and tweaks for your iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. And if you are curious about Cydia for iOS 12.2, yes, you can download Cydia iOS 12.2 from

Brief in Download Cydia iOS 12.2

Cydia download is a wonderful opportunity for iDevice users to tweak their devices. As you already know, you can’t download third-party apps and tweaks from the Apple app store, so if you want to download third-party apps, you must use an alternative app store such as Cydia. Yes, Cydia is an alternative app store which has the content full of third-party apps, tweaks, games, themes, add-ons, extensions, etc. You can freely download these on your iDevice and add an extra functionality to the device. Download Cydia iOS 12.2 is the latest curiosity about Cydia download and it is now possible to download on your device.

Possibility to download Cydia iOS 12.2

Speaking of the truth, there is no full jailbreak version available regarding the iOS 12.2. But you can jailbreak iOS 12.2 partially by using the CydiaPro website. CydiaPro is a Cydia download based website which allows you to download jailbreak and Cydia on your iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. It also gives you the latest information about the jailbreak and Cydia releases plus, you can partially jailbreak and install Cydia on any version of iOS through the CydiaPro site. So if you are searching to download Cydia iOS 12.2 on your iDevice, this is your best chance to do that.

Supported Devices to download Cydia iOS 12.2

If you still haven’t upgraded to iOS 12.2, go to Settings > General > Software Update, and check whether the iOS 12.2 software update is available. If it is there, your device is compatible to update iOS 12.2 and you can update the iOS from there. After that, you can download Cydia iOS 12.2 on your device experience the latest apps and tweaks on the handset.

  • iPhones: iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5s
  • iPads: 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 2nd generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 1st generation 10.5-inch iPad Pro, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad 5th generation, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2
  • iPod Touches: iPod touch 6th Generation

Cydia Download iOS 12/ 12.0.1/ 12.1/ 12.1.1/ 12.2

Jailbreak and Cydia iOS 12 have already achieved! Yes, just after releasing the iOS 12 to the public use, Alibaba Pandora labs demonstrated the jailbreak tool for the iOS 12. Later, the famous developer Luca Todesco at Yalu team tweeted as “pwned” about his success towards the jailbreak iOS 12. After some time, the famous Pangu team also demonstrated iOS 12 jailbreak. All these demonstrations confirm that it is possible to jailbreak iOS 12 running devices.

iOS 12.0.1 can’t be jailbroken because there is no jailbreak tool released regarding that iOS version. But it is possible to jailbreak iOS 12.1 as the famous KeenLab jailbroke it successfully. And yet, there is no full version of jailbreaks for iOS 12.1.1 and iOS 12.2 but, you can partially jailbreak all these iOS 12/ 12.0.1/ 12.1/ 12.1.1/ 12.2 from CydiaPro website. So if you want to download Cydia iOS 12.2 or any other version, just navigate CydiaPro.

How to download Cydia iOS 12.2?

To download Cydia on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you must first jailbreak the device. You can partially jailbreak your iDevice from the CydiaPro website. So first, go to and click on “Cydia Download iOS 12.2” on the site. There, you can download Cydia iOS 12.2 on your iDevice. And thereafter, you will be able to download third-party apps, tweaks, and special themes on the device.

Jailbreak iPhone X demoed by Keen team

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of iPhone line, Apple developers have offered the iPhone X to the public. Of course, after the release note, it took more than one month to come to the public. And finally it was released to the public and you can enjoy the features of it. And the most fantastic news is that within few days the device release to the public hackers got success to blast it. Of course, the Hacker prove that the jailbreak iPhone X is a possible task. Therefore, now the Cydia community is also, remain with a new hope. On the ground, let us concern more about the updated facts.

jailbreak iPhone X

Path of iOS 11

Of course, with more adorable features the Apple developers introduced the iOS 11 giant firmware edition to the public on last September. And after that, they haven’t stopped the activities towards this session. So, they have further, concern to enhance the features and introduced more features to the public. As a result, recently there were several Minor versions has unveiled and the first major update has also, released. And currently, they have begun the test activities toward the second major update.

Update for jailbreak iOS 11.2

Of course, as I noted above, now the iOS 11 chapter is in its first major session. Anyhow, at the moment developers are concerning about their upcoming iOS 11.2 major version. On the ground, now the Cydia users are focus for the chance for jailbreak iOS 11.2. But till now, we haven’t got any update for that. And of course, it wasn’t live yet. So, let us see what will happen in future.

iPhone X jailbreak demo

Of course, as a Cydia lover, you don’t matter whatever Apple Developer offer with their updates. Yeah, you need to find a way to enjoy your lovely Cydia apps and tweaks with your jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. So, in the moment the hackers also, pay attention to the iOS 11 jailbreak. And the iDevice users to want to know the ability to jailbreak the latest chapter simultaneous with the newest iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. So, what is your decision? Can you hope for a new jailbreak utility?

jailbreak iPhone X

Well, now let us focus on the past history of Cydia iOS 11, we can remember the hackers got success to blast the firmware in several times. And there were demos to prove it. But the fact is that they will not focus to go through it and work for a final jailbreak utility. Anyhow, recently after few days the iPhone X release to the public, hackers got success to blast it. Of course, this is a good sign for us. Because, it clues that, this huge iPhone Product can be jailbreak.

Fine, now when we focus on the latest jailbreak iPhone X related fact the iOS hacker Liang Chen, member of the Keen team is the man with this. Yeah, the POC2017 event was held in Seoul, South Korea before few days. In this event, Chen has proven that the latest iPhone X is jailbreak friendly device. And with the demo, we could able to know that the latest iOS 11.1.1 chapter is to jailbreak friendly version. Because, when the iPhone X jailbreak it is with the iOS 11.1.1 chapter.

jailbreak iPhone X

Can we hope iOS 11.2 jailbreak in soon?

Of course, after each and every iOS firmware release, the jailbreak lovers hope for a utility to break the system and enjoy their lovely Cydia apps and tweaks to it. So, now with the latest iOS 11.1.1 jailbreak too, they wish a utility in soon. But according to the facts, this demo is only to prove the breakability. And they will not focus to offer a final utility to the public. Moreover, the iOS 111.2 chapter is still in its beta stage. so, we need to wait till it came live to the public. Therefore, let us see what will happen in future.


New iPhone Released- All about iPhone X Jailbreak

Apple has finally unveiled the 10th-anniversary iPhone edition with a special name “X”. And just as expected, the event has ended all wait for a couple of new iPhones, iOS 11 latest software, new 4K Apple TV and also the LTE supported new watch upgrade. But the whole attraction of the event was iPhone X which the biggest announcement of an iPhone so far by the company. So the post update here bringing you what Apple has made true with new “X”, highlights at the event and also with how that makes iPhone X Jailbreak possible. Here we go for all in brief.

iPhone X Jailbreak

A Word about the Event

The event was centric to new iPhone X which came celebrating the 10th anniversary of the whole iPhone line-up. And while that grabs the main attention of the event, the release of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus too was aside but not as much as winning the same glory. However, it can too make a big shout to the public with favorable improvements above the previous iPhone 7/7 Plus. And it is expected to ship earlier than the fancier iPhone X also with a much cheaper tag of pricing. It continues the same design of the old iPhone 7 but promises better Camera and more also introducing features like wireless charging.And the event has also hosted the release of iOS 11 through the GM version, new 4K Apple upgrade, Watch with LTE connectivity and some more.

Meet the New iPhone Epoch-  iPhone X Features in Brief

With the Tech event by Apple, all of the things about the new iPhone episodes have confirmed. And there, the biggest surprise comes from the name itself where the expected iPhone 8 came as iPhone X while iPhone 7S and 7S Plus came in the name of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Although the trio of them share some internal features, in many aspects iPhone X is at the highest it can reach. So check the highlighting features we see in the 10th iPhone edition as to all confirmations by Apple.

  • Features the highest screen-to-body ratio of an iPhone so far
  • Bezel-less Edge-to-edge  display of 5.8 inches
  • Use of Super Retina OLED display technology with better life promised
  • Glass body brings wireless charging capabilities
  • Screen resolution of the 2436×1125 pixels at 458ppi
  • A11 bionic processor for enhanced performance
  • Available in 64 GB and 256 GB memory capacities
  • Portrait Lightning feature introduced
  • True Tone feature in the screen where the color changes with the background temperature
  • Face ID in the place of Touch ID with use of new 3D Sensors in the front camera
  • Animoji exciting feature with Face ID where you can make Emojis as to the exact expressions
  • Taptic Engine resulting better 3D Touch and Haptic Feedback
  • Improved rate of IP68 in dust/water resistance
  • Video recording 1080p HD at 240 fps, 4K at 60 fps and 4K at 24 fps
  • Vertical 12MP (iSight) Duo camera with better OIS and also the improved AR option
  • Available in Space Gray and Silver with a black front

For better view, watch the video below,

Release Date and Price:

The official pre-orders will be allowed for the iPhone X on 27th October. And it is expected for shipping from 3rd November 2017 on exactly when you need waiting to take the latest iPhone in hand. And as to the two different 64 GB and 256 GB capacities, it will cost $999 and $1,150 respectively.

iPhone X Software- iOS 11 Download

All three handsets this year come pre loaded iOS 11, the latest software designed for Apple’s mobile operating system. At the event recently, it has finally announced in the GM release confirming it is ready and stable for any use.

The software iOS 11 started testing since WWDC back in June. And from there it all started testing through beta following 10 developers and public 9 betas as usually. And eventually, it has now moved to iOS 11 GM release from which the public rights can be expected on 19th September. So just as promised through all testing versions, it brings redesigned Control Center, new Notification handling, enhanced Siri capabilities, upgraded App switcher, new Files and so much more.

iPhone X Jailbreak

Any Progress to iPhone X Jailbreak?

iPhone X comes preloaded iOS 11 marking an expensive era where two giants have unified. But when it is not any reason makes iPhone X Jailbreak possibilities less interesting, this is time to put a quick glance at that.

Up to now, we have met iOS 11 Jailbreak two times through powerful KeenLab demos. And in both the times, KeenLab uses iOS 11 initial betas on an iPhone 7 to show us the possibilities to jailbreak. At a glance, this is something to cheer than sitting with nothing. But when it comes to the exploited, we cannot make guarantees on how the same techniques would work on later iOS 11 versions at the same time with iPhone X latest. So for the moment, iPhone X Jailbreak is indecisive for which we require more wait from the user.

The post today covers all facts about the new iPhone era from features, the event, price, availability and up to iPhone X Jailbreak chances. If you are happy with all the content, give us a feedback and do share for all love to be part of the new X story.

What do you know about iPhone 8 Jailbreak?

The release of the new iPhone 8 is all planned on 12th at the next biggest event by Apple. So it is less than a week to go for all confirmations on what we so far came to the notice through different sources in regard features, different aspects, build to iPhone 8 Jailbreak. Then go on reading for the complete understanding of the game changer iPhone launch ahead, together with Apple’s new firmware iOS 11.

iPhone 8 jailbreak

From the moment we started getting news about Apple’s plans on a new iPhone, there were many stories all around in different sizes and weight each aspect. And even before it is the call of official, there was a number of facts around Jailbreak iPhone 8 just as much as on its features, build and so on.  In that way, the release of latest iPhone 8 is in everyone’s eyes. And as it is it not coming along, the excitement Apple’s new event could take on the public will be immersive. So it is just a few days for all time for rock and roll.

iPhone 8 is Ready- About the Event

The new iPhone 8 is Apple’s 10th-year celebratory product of the whole iPhone line. So just as planned, the event on 12th September at the Steve Jobs theatre in Cupertino will make a loud sound with taking the new iPhone’s wraps off. And as to the note in the invitation, this is the first event at the campus for which we could expect the cheers to be doubled. Together with the iPhone 8, the event will host iPhone 7S and 7 S Plus launch, new 4K Apple TV release, the update of new Watch with its own cellular connectivity and also with iOS 11, the next giant firmware release of Apple’s mobile operating system.

iPhone 8 Features in Brief

  • 5.8 inches display
  • 3 GB RAM
  • Storage from 64 GB to 256 GB
  • 750 x 1330 pixels of Resolution
  • Apple A11 chip processor
  • Full glass body
  • OLED technology in a full-screen display
  • Wireless charging possibilities
  • Facial recognition technology with use of a new 3D Sensor
  • NAND flash memory
  • Improved Dust/water resistant rate up to IP68

In features, we find a lot new to discuss. So above are the key facts to keep in mind which we take through the schematics so far met. And we expect the new iPhone to feature Gold, Black, and Silver in available colors.

iPhone 8 jailbreak

Although the release of the new iPhone happens in the coming event on 12th, it would probably t6ake months to go on sale. So we roughly assume the new iPhone availability around December 2017 with a starting price about $1,200 or up.

Download iOS 11 on new iPhone 8

Apple working on a new iPhone having a plan of a new firmware besides. So as that, iOS 11 will be righted to the public in the coming event and will meet as the software running on the latest iPhone 8 from 12th.

The testing of Apple’s iOS 11 started from the event WWDC back on June 5th. So what started from there is now in the testing version 10 probably as the final before Apple makes the official announcement in the projected event. And as to the reveals so far, the new firmware iOS 11 is with many re-designments, improvements and a lot of security features to pair well with iPhone 8. And as the successor to iOS 10 now signing, iOS 11 has a lot of enhancements done as the biggest firmware experience one can take on the 64-bit device in this year.

iPhone 8 Jailbreak- Updates so far

One can say iPhone 8 Jailbreak is certain in its release seeing all recent demonstrations to view. In fact, we found KeenLab back in a demo showing Jailbreak iOS 11 on an iPhone 7 again just like the previous back in June. And this time, it is a video demo through which Cydia iOS 10.3.2 possibilities are also shown in the background while the main focus is given to iOS 11.

Looking at a demo, we just cannot make any promise of future jailbreak. In fact, the exploits viewable here might not find in the same way when Apple makes it public. And further, we are still unknown to how far the same exploiting will impact on iPhone 8 in making jailbreak possible like shown in the video on an iPhone 7. To make all clear, we will just have to wait until 12th as there, both the iOS 11 and iPhone 8 releases are planned for the arrival. So let’s meet up back soon after 12th.

After the official arrival, there would be so much to talk about iPhone 8 design, its techniques in the new display, how it is improved in work frame and so much. But no one can promise for a soon update on iPhone 8 Jailbreak as things still seem quite indecisive. Then we invite you to stay signed with us to make clear all confusion here. And do not forget to subscribe if this feels to the heart’s content.

Road for Jailbreak iOS 10.3.3

It has passed few weeks of the release of the present stable iOS 10.3.3 chapter to the public. Yes, the Apple company test this chapter nearly two months with six of public and developer only beta. According to several rumors, this will be the final iteration for the existing 10th firmware chapter. When we deeper focusing on it the developer has the focus to offer some bug fixes and performance improvements rather than offering new features and changes. So, as a jailbreak fan have you got any updated fact for the possibility of jailbreak iOS 10.3.3 in the moment? OK, then here we go through the all possible facts related to this firmware edition.

jailbreak iOS 10.3.3

iOS 10.3.3 is the existing latest signing iPhone OS chapter. But in the moment the Apple developer is focusing on their next massive 11th firmware update. Which will contain more adorable features and changed to the iDevices. Absolutely in accordance with the available fact, the Apple company focus to improve the productivity of iPad devices through the upcoming chapter. So, iOS 11 download will be more useful for them. Further, when we conclude more facts on the upcoming event now the Company successfully rolled out the 3rd public beta and 4th developer only beta. And now attentively they have reached to the gold master release of the chapter.

jailbreak iOS 10 at a Glance

Well, in the moment when we focusing on the current situation of the jailbreak community iOS 10.3.2 is the available latest jailbreak friendly chapter. Yeah, the demo is offered by the Keen team. Indeed, they also demoed for the upcoming iOS 11 jailbreak within couples of weeks of its first developer only beta. But the chapter wasn’t stable yet. You may remember that it took a long time to have a possible tool to jailbreak iOS 10. In which way with the arrival of Yalu jailbreak Luca Todesco has become the superstar of jailbreak society. Yes, he has developed the tool to comply with iOS 10.2. So, still available worthy jailbreak tool is Yalu 10.2. And there was no any latest cracking tool available for the 10th chapter.

jailbreak iOS 10.3.3

Possibility for jailbreak iOS 10.3.3

Finally when we focus about the present stable iOS 10.3.3 minor chapter, could you able to find any possible fact for its jailbreak possibility? It has two months of the test period and now it passed another few weeks after the public release. During the time period, there wasn’t any jailbreak demo available for this chapter. Of course, the chapter was in the beta version when the last MOSEC 2017 was held. But it seems still hackers haven’t paid enough consideration on this minor edition. Otherwise, the Apple Company will enhance the security features of the chapter as their last update. Any how, know, hackers will never ready to give up an iOS chapter easily. Therefore, sometimes still they may focus on the chapter. In the other hand in my point of view now the Apple company slowly reaching to the final release of the upcoming massive 11th chapter. So, it has left nearly one month of the time period. So, hackers may pay their full attention to find an exploit to enter into the upcoming chapter. Anyhow in the moment, we can’t verify what will really happen.

So, let we allow more time period for the hackers and see what will really happen. Till that, you can stay tuned with us to have more fresh updates related to iOS, Cydia, and jailbreak facts.

Jailbreak iOS 11 Got Demoed by KeenLab

iOS 11 started its move to the public soon with the official word at WWDC 2017. While the most part is reserved here for the features, design changes, security lifts and so on, we also hear stories in the move to jailbreak as getting the first ever working demo at MOSEC. So as there is a lot to talk about the next generation milestone software update for Apple mobile operating system, here is everything we know so far about iOS 11 update to Jailbreak iOS 11. Read on for all in brief.

Jailbreak iOS 11

While iOS 11 playing a massive role in all mind, iOS 10.3.2 signs as usual as the current latest for both 32-bit and 64-bit devices. This will soon be changed if Apple releases iOS 10.3.3 immediately which has reached the peak of betas marking the 6th version released recently. So once the update is official, you will be able to take your hand on via OTA or iTunes manually. But different from 10.3.2, iOS 10.3.3 will only be signed for 64-bit devices just in the same fixes and slight improvement perspective.

Compatible Devices for iOS 11

iOS 11 Download

iOS 11 Download for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

You can download iOS 11 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch through its beta versions by now. Starting from the very first day of the preview, Apple has given beta releases in focus to both developers and public testers as the usual way. As the latest news, we see iOS 11 beta 3 for developers registered to the official Apple beta testing while the second public beta is seeded for the none-developers very recently. And just as expected, these bring additional changes to the major software update keeping us to talk more about design changes, fixes as well as lifted security features. So with the more betas to go, there will be so much interesting to discuss in deeper.

Video Review to all changes coming with Latest Beta 3 (dev) and Public Beta 2

Jailbreak iOS 11 and Possibilities to Cydia Download

Taking the time at MOSEC 2017, security researcher team KeenLab has demonstrated a working jailbreak iOS 11 proving Cydia is possible. As to the picture published via Twitter by developer Min Zheng along with the demonstration, an iPhone 7 on iOS 11 beta has proven jailbroken successfully. Not only that, the picture further depicts possibilities of Cydia iOS 10.3.2 for the firmware now signs latest on two different handsets on the same picture. In more detail, an iPhone 6 Plus and an iPhone 7 running iOS 10.3.2 also shown jailbroken by KeenLab. Although, we have no idea yet about how these will lead Cydia Download iOS 11 in approach to the public, something good can be expected in turn for Cydia 10.3.2. In fact, it is all about the firmware now signs while iOS 11 is in need of more months for the final update.

As to the facts so far came to know, iOS 11 will be released around September. So stay with us until then to know all interesting updates on the firmware as well as in regard Jailbreak iOS 11. And in anything, you find doubtful, write us through the comments.

Jailbreak iOS 10.3.1 will be released after iOS 10.3.2

Jailbreakers have been glorified with the news that famed dedicator Pangu download based in China showcased the proficiency of jailbreak iOS 10.3.1. The demonstration takes place in a conference called Janus and that observed in Shanghai in according to the Chinese tech blog Weibo. However, it is glad to say that many resources stayed sleepy since a long revived forming numerous considerations and questions as well concerning release date, technical support and so on.

However, it is amazing why Pangu did not drop any single detail since even the demonstration as well in authority by some other dedicator who knew as Min Zheng. He who was a heavy dealer of jailbreakers since far. Anyhow, though the utility launch has been predicted to be settled within few days, it appears we will have to remain a great distant till the upcoming iOS 10.3.2 bring down to the audience.

jailbreak iOS 10.3.1

More about Janus Conference

It is the frequent manner of jailbreakers showcasing their enormous research outcomes to open a wide discussion through. At this time, it is surprising Pangu jailbreak decide to rewrite their name for iOS jailbreaking while enduring in place of national security researches in China.

However, the vent Janus recognized as a confidential event organized by certain famed programs those who planned to get to gather covertly. As reports describe, the conference positioned in Mercedes-Benz Arena going on expo Avenue. But any single detail has not been dressed on the official website Damai either. As defined, tickets as well sold at the location on 25th of April 2017.

Demonstration of jailbreak iOS 10.3.1

jailbreak iOS 10.3.1

By the way, although the conference unveiled for the reason of jailbreak iOS 10.3.1 demonstration, there is no outsider will know this at all. As Zheng have been noted, that the recent drop down of team Pangu is worthy as monetarily as it used the highly sealed iPhone 7. Moreover, it hints that the huge barrier we could not even touch behind Yalu has been successfully cracked through the KPP/Kernel Patch protection.

Technical surroundings of the upcoming tool

Since we already confirmed the proficiency of iPhone 7 builds, all those following 64bit ranges as well will pass the barrier as predicted. But it is more likely 32bit devices will not be able to enter the session for technical purposes. Moreover, none of those devices who will be there dressing iOS 10.2.1 will enter this. Therefore, you will have to choose iOS 10.3.1 or remain with iOS 10.3 if you already positioned. Just keep on your mind that installing 10.3.1 will never let you get back your older positions since there is no longer accessible sign in the doorway. Once you decide to be prepared there, make sure that you are not a jailbroken user or else your device is a 64bit ranger.

Release date

jailbreak iOS 10.3.1

The release date is the most exciting information that users anxious for. But is the frequent manner of hackers not giving a fixed date. But with the newscast of Janus, we could find out something exciting notifying that PP assistant as well will interfere this which scheduled to be released at the beginning of May. But unfortunately, the rumored twitter account has been canceled saying that facts that given out are fake. This means it does not mean to launch as said. But, might assemble after 10.3.2 as we noted above.

By the way, surrounding shady particulars, we cannot confirm anything certainly at the moment. But keep your eyes on Pangu download for the jailbreak iOS 10.3.1. If you are a 32-bit user, there is nothing to worry. Just bring your saved blobs of iOS 9 and return to regenerate Cydia through the Home Depot. On the other hand, even you are a 64-bit operator, just save your blobs. If you already escaped from Yalu, you have nothing to do except look forward to Pangu 10.3.1.

Looking for Jailbreak iOS 10.3 and iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak in Near?

The release of iOS 10.3.1 made jailbreak more discussed. But we still do not know what is the impact of 10.3.1 for jailbreak 10.3 and what will time bring on iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak. At a glance 10.3.1 found a minor update with only a few fixes. But different from other 10 firmware updates, this brings 32-bit device support under the build number 14E304. So now you can download the update on iPhone 5 and above, iPad 4 and up and also the 6th Gen iPod Touch devices above. But as still, it lacks jailbreak and Cydia support, we do not recommend the update for both jailbreakers and none jailbreakers at this moment.

iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak

If you doubt what Apple has put in the latest 10.3.1, check the video for all in detailed view.

It was on Monday, the company fired their third giant stride over the build number 14E277 with adjoining features and enhancements. From the very first beta version started on 26th of January finally recorded its seventh beta on last 16th. However, those who count on the high security and alterations can reach the update via OTA/iTunes respectively. The entire compressed tons of security approaches which both worthy against jailbreak iOS 10.3 and user privacy. In accordance to reports, nearly 90 identified vulnerabilities have been successfully amended behind its long-term expansion. However, if you do not interest around jailbreaking, request download iOS 10.3 on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

What’s more behind the newest session?

Opening by way of the recent chapter, the Company contentedly presented varies new functions such as Find, My AirPods, CarPlay, and renowned file system and so on. Here all you desire in points to reach best of bests right now.

  • Company file structure
  • Opt-in function for iCloud Analytics
  • Settings app updates contained overhauled iCloud panel
  • CarPlay and Siri with enrichments
  • Web sites with compact Motion
  • Setup reviews and in-app ratings via Settings
  • Maps with hourly estimate
  • Improve the navigation regarding Conversation View of Emails
  • Japanese and Chinese keyboards with greater presence

jailbreak ios 10.3

  • Find my AirPods

Trace your AirPods of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. And when you lost them simply find out with location identity

  • Smarter Siri

Siri will automatically identify your bills which have to be paid and will request from respective payment applications

  • App compatibility panel

CarPlay for supporting CargPoint electrical automobile situations over the hottest feature introduced at the end of the year 2016

The file system approach is the partition which let you manage the storage space. And as well, it specifically moves toward the security of all your data shelter. Technologically, it holds TRIM movements, lengthy file qualities, duplicating for files and calendars, Snaps, rapid directory sizing, minute safe-save primitives, one-moment timestamp granularity and enhancements for the system.

Download aptitude

  • iPod Touch 6  and over
  • iPad 4 G and higher
  • iPhone 5/5c and above

jailbreak ios 10.3

  1. Go through Over The Air notification/Software update or else via IPSW for the installation
  2. Make certain of your jailbroken status before the setup

Looking for jailbreak iOS 10.3?

By means of the giant iOS 10.3 roll out of the company, seems the iPhone operating system landscape has been changed into a new pathway aimed at executes jailbreak in single clear-cut fly down. However the final may be exact, its grate to know that the recent OS is packed with fresh features to make it easier to accept that possibly will secure the operator.

Anyhow, as much as the jailbreak iOS 10.3 is difficult, it is a waste of languish in theoretically. As responsible particulars announced, APFS which known as the Apple File System is the main thing that stands to make harder hackers for exploits.

jailbreak ios 10.3

Luca Todesco with his final words

Though you might wish to see an update of Yalu for jailbreak iOS 10.3, the developer Todesco confessed his withdrawal from the sight. Beside with particular departure advices, the idea was made clear out that Yalu launches will no longer issue to the public. But the reason behind his farewell has not clearly said at the moment. As he defined moreover, the recent chapter will not be able to crack that easier even as the former 10.2.1.

Though still 10.3 and 10.2.1 are switchable, the gate will shortly close to keep secure the high encryption. So be around the former and lower ones at least to make sure of your Cydia download iOS 10.2.1. Since the two yalu1011 and yalu102 are there, keep your eyes on jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 which will be the closest crack even Cydia download iOS 10.3 is at the end of the rainbow.


Behind a couple of hours from the 10.3 announcement, the 10.3.2 which is the first followed version of the third major character arrived with enhancements and reported bug fixes. Those who possess with respective identity can reach the update.

Jailbreak iOS 10.3- Status Update

At a time Yalu has arrested the users’ mind, we have started getting questions on Jailbreak iOS 10.3. In fact, Yalu stops working from iOS 10.2 making iOS 10.2.1 and upcoming 10.3 above in a little doubt on getting jailbreak not. Truly, what can be the state of jailbreak and Cydia up in future? As Todesco has confirmed he is not willing to work above the current tool, who will bring cheers for iOS 10.3 jailbreakers? Let’s walk through all around iOS 10.3 upcoming and road ahead to Cydia 10.3.

Jailbreak iOS 10.3

iOS 10.3 is Apple’s third major upgrade which is focused on bringing more features to the operating system. As current latest 10.2.1 only seems a fixes oriented update following 10.2, the upcoming 10.3 will get all changes Apple planned in the time in between. But will that make same importance and need for the jailbreakers? Let’s see all updates.

iOS 10.3 is Approaching

As of this writing, we find iOS 10.3 beta 5. If you are a member of the developer or public testing program, the new beta is now available to take Over the air for experimenting. But if you are still not a member, head the official Apple beta testing website and sign up the program free.

As to the five betas out, Apple will make a big change by bringing 10.3 to the public authority. New find my Airpods feature, Siri cricket scores upgrade, Carply improvements, Apple approach to File system, Podcasts with a new widget, Redesigned HomeKit, Color code placement to iCloud storage summary, a new setting for app review and all rest are evidence to what Apple sketches through 10.3. But do you think all these can make jailbreak less encouraged?

Video Review on iOS 10.3 Upcoming features

When will you get Jailbreak iOS 10.3?

Aside from Yalu, we currently see no jailbreak in progress. But in the side of prominent jailbreak developers, we could expect a new roll out which could have been developing under this silence.  So as most of the rumors suggest, iOS 10.3 jailbreak will be the next turning session in Cydia those who missed Yalu opportunities could hang on. In fact, iOS 10.3 is said the final major iOS 10 version in the thread as Apple has already spoken out with iOS 11. Although these may get corrections with time, the thing about jailbreak iOS 10.3 is largely possible. So let’s see it is time for Pangu jailbreak, TaiG or anybody else.

What’s New in Current Jailbreak State?

Jailbreak iOS 10.3

With sincere thanks to developer Todesco, Yalu has delivered to the public. Even staying with beta 7, the tool has won a lot of love of people as the only jailbreak tool currently seen in the chapters. But as always we recommend you to handle with good care as you are reaching jailbreak up to iOS 10.2 while Apple no longer signs older firmware. So any mistakes with the process could make you restore to 10.2.1 what signs now, but with no immediate updates on jailbreak or Cydia Download.

In considered jailbreak, we never know what will happen. So with given background facts, let’s take some more wait ahead expecting a way to Jailbreak iOS 10.3. But until iOS 10.3 officially out, you are advised to prevent getting caught to fake downloads as no jailbreak will come when the update is yet to be public.

Missed Yalu and now waiting for Jailbreak iOS 10.3? Share your sincere comments with us.

Jailbreak iOS 10.2.1- Latest update

Apple released the latest iOS version iOS 10.2.1 to the public on the last 23rd of January 2017. Within this firmware release, the Company has focused on improving the security content of the firmware and also to fix some bug fixes. So, within the released many iOS lovers are updated their devices to the latest version. But still, there were some users looking to attain the advantage of an upcoming jailbreak tool. Yes, nowadays mostly focus on talk about jailbreak iOS 10.2.1. So, have you also interest to get information relating to this highlighted topic? OK, then you can go through this guide.

jailbreak iOS 10.2.1

Apple releases the iOS 10.2 to the public with the many added features and improvements including wallpapers, screen effects, emojis, Portrait mode, TV app and much more. So, as a minor update for this, the iOS 10.2.1 is released to the public. As I note above this is mainly concern about the security contents of the firmware. Therefore it is better to stay away for the jailbreak lovers. But it is good to update for the iOS users who are concern more on the security of their devices.

iOS 10.2 windows closed

And now as usual after one week of the release of iOS 10.2.1 Apple Company has closed the windows to sign in to the iOS 10.2. They have followed this regularly. Yes, the main reason for this is the Company is planned to keep their iPhone, iPad and iPod users with the latest update. Therefore now the jailbreak lovers who were in iOS 10.2.1 were locked there. It means if the iOS 10-10.2 jailbreak tool release soon they miss the chance. And want to stay another time period to use iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak in future.


Yalu 10.2 beta 7 released

The developer Luca has released iOS 10.1 jailbreak to the public on last December and the tool is still in beta stage. On January Luca has updated the tool to comply with iOS 10.2 jailbreak. Yes, with the beta 4 he got the first attempt jailbreak iOS 10.2. But there was a problem related to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 users because they lose the chance of using this jailbreak within their devices. In previous Luca haven’t mentioned the reason for this, so many reporters guess it was due to the high-security contents. But Luca hs again tweeted a post mentioning “To clear it up: Yalu1011 for iPhone 7 will be updated at some point. Just not a priority right now. Got stuff to do.” Therefore we can imagine in future sometimes iPhone 7 series will also get the ticket too.

and we know Luca at the beginning of the iOS 10.1.1 tool from Luca it has limited to some iDevice models. And regularly with the betas, he has widened the compatible device list. But as I noted with the upgrade to iOS 10.2 jailbreak it has again miss the chance for the latest device users. With the latest and final beta of the time, beta 7 Luca has developed the tool to support for iPad Air 2 and iPad mini4. So, now all the 64-bit device users are in excluding iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. But remember the tool is still in beta stage. That mean there may be some issues, the tool is still not stable. So, be aware of using the tool.


As like iOS 10.2 jailbreak, we can guess Luca will also focus on iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak too. But at the time there was no any official note about that. Also, there were some rumors relating that the public jailbreak developer groups also focusing on iOS 10 jailbreak. So, at anytime we can hope a tool from them. Look like the time is the main fact. Therefore we need to wait and see what will happen in future.