Pangu iOS 9.1

Here we are again with latest news of Pangu jailbreak while users are praising their Pangu iOS 9 which was released for all iOS 9 releases except iOS 9.1. Pangu iOS 9 became the most talk as any other jailbreak team couldn’t reach the iOS 9 series as Apple make a barrier with their Rootless security system to protect the precious operating system. But with the flair of Pangu iOS 9 they couldn’t continue it as they make three iOS 9 versions jailbroken. Therefore, Apple is going to release the iOS 9.2 soon to stretch the list of iOS versions without jailbroken. Therefore, we hope the jailbreak iOS 9.1 will release soon for us to download Cydia without any delay.

Pangu iOS 9.1

iOS 9.1 jailbreak

According to rumors, Pangu is going to confront this time too for the jailbreak iOS 9.1. With their effort, we will be able to reach it soon as Pangu iOS 9.1 to upgrade and download Cydia. Some are reporting that it has planned to release before the end of this year. Which means we will be able to jailbreak iOS 9.1 withing next few weeks before welcome 2016. Also, the tool will be a strong one to keep their dignity and make users easier with. As they released the tool for Mac users too with the Pangu iOS 9, the next tool too will release for both Windows and Mac to jailbreak at once.

Anyhow, even most concerning Pangu iOS 9.1, we cannot neglect the Taig team who was with the leadership of the jailbreak community. Because, we must remember that Pangu iOS 9.1 will have to battle with Taig, as now they too trying to replace their stead. But the thing is, Pangu is the only that captured the jailbreak possibility of iOS 9 while others fail for that.

Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9.1

Most say, may be we wont receive the Pangu iOS 9.1 as they are going to capture the jailbreak iOS 9.2 as well. Whatsoever, we declare you that the expecting Pangu iOS 9.1 will be a powerful one as now Pangu have to detect the forceful built of iOS 9.1 than previous. Also, we are looking for Saurik to know if he will bring us a new update of Cydia. Even it cannot confirm yet, the special option that most users are looking Cydia impactore will be there to collect more and more jailbreak users.

By the way, let’s see which will be the next jailbreak tool and what will happen with iOS and the jailbreak community as well.

Pangu 9 Download

The well-known Chinese jailbreak team Pangu could surprise everyone, releasing iOS 9 untethered jailbreak tool. Just you can get Pangu 9 download link from our article. The new tool is still released for windows only, but we like to remind that Mac users also waiting for jailbreak. Pangu download iOS 9 is compatible for all iPhones, iPads and iPod touches running on iOS 9 to iOS 9.0.2. We hope to give complete list about device and firmware compatibility in below.

pangu 9 download

download pangu 9

Supported firmware : iOS 9, iOS 9.0.1, iOS 9.0.2

Supported iOS  devices : iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 plus/ iPhone 6s/ iPhone 6s plus/ iPhone 5/ iPhone 5c/ iPhone 5s/ iPad 4/ iPad 3/ IPad 2/ iPad mini/ iPad mini 2/ iPad mini 3/ iPad Air/ iPad Air 2/ iPod touch 5G/ iPod touch 6G

Device preparations for iOS 9 jailbreak

  • Keep complete device backup using iTunes or iCloud before begin to the process. Pangu jailbreak has tested all most apple devices and it does not an affected jailbreak process. But we recommend to backup, because when your data lost, backup will help you to restore your idevice.
  • Disable both “Passcode or Touch ID” and “Find my iPhone” options from settings app in your idevice.
  • Keep your iDevice on the airplane mode. You can enable that mode after go through the settings menu.
  • All anti-virus programs or firewalls should be disabled before the proceed.
  • Should be installed latest iTunes version.

Are you ready? Then lets go  through the process.

How to jailbreak iOS 9 using Pangu 9 download – Step by step guide

Step 1 : Download Pangu v1.0.0 latest version.

Step 2 : Connect your iPhone to PC using USB data transfer cable.

Step 3 : Open the Pangu 9 download tool as administrator and wait for detect your device by pangu.

Step 4 : Then click “Start” button. You have to click on the “Already backup” button on the another window to continue the process.

Step 5 : During the process, both Pangu and WWDC apps appear on the home screen. Now tool will unlock your device and turn on airplane mode again automatically.

Step 6 : After short period, Pangu app will run on the home screen.

Step 7 : Finally, your device will reboot at once after show the message “Jailbreak completed”. Find out the cydia icon from device home screen.

That is all. Your device jailbroken successfully. If you want to see the video also, scroll down and watch our video tutorial.

Jailbreak iOS 9 using Pangu 9 download – Video Tutorial

FAQ and Help Section

  • Warning message – “Disk is almost full”

During the jailbreak process, you will find the warning message that “ Disk is almost full”. Pangu start to write some important files on the system partitions and lead to this warning message. Don’t be confuse, because the message does not affect your device. It will re-adjust the system files after first opening and after you won’t see the warning message, it will disappear.

  • Don’t upgrade your device using OTA (Over-the-air)

If you already updated your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch firmware through the OTA method, Pangu jailbreak won’t work properly. Because OTA updates do not work with jailbreak concepts. Therefore, you should download the latest firmware and restore your idevice using iTunes. Pangu has provided a restore function to restore your device easily. It will active automatically and jailbreak within single click.

  • If you failed on the jailbreak is several times

Use the Pangu restore function to restore your device with fresh firmware and try again or reboot your iPhone and PC or otherwise check airplane mode and try again.